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System Integration

Phasor Innovation has extensive experience in integration of complex RF communications and electronic systems on military platforms.

Our expertise and innovative modelling and measurement techniques can significantly reduce project technical, cost and schedule risks by optimising system architecture design and identifying and resolving potential RF/E3 performance and compatibility issues early in the design stages of projects.

The Phasor team can provide expert assistance at all project phases, from concept and detailed design through to V&V.

Our expertise includes:

  • Requirements development
  • System architecture design
  • Performance analysis and optimisation
  • Modelling & simulation
  • Test & measurement
  • Component evaluation
  • Custom antenna design
  • Cosite interference
  • Antenna selection and placement
  • EMI/EMC/E3
  • Radar Cross Section
  • EW/FPECM performance
  • Voice intelligibility