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Phasor Innovation uses the very latest in state-of-the-art computational electromagnetic software tools, backed up by sound theoretical knowledge and practical experience.

Platform Electromagnetics

  • Antenna Performance and Placement
  • Radiation Patterns
  • Radiation Hazards
  • Cosite and Collocation Interference

Radar Cross Section

Phasor Innovation combines extensive experience in radar and electromagnetics with the latest modelling and simulation techniques to provide a state of the art capability in Radar Cross Section (RCS) analysis.


Phasor Innovation are experts at assessing RF safety in complex environments.

High fidelity modelling, including SAR, combined with targeted measurements where required, provides the most comprehensive and accurate assessment of RF safety where near field exposure is unavoidable. Traditional measurement only approaches frequently fail to identify hazards caused by resonances and reradiation and often result in potentially unsafe and/or overly restrictive RADHAZ control measures being implemented.